Iqaluit IXP

Internet Exchange Point

The Problem

Internet in Iqaluit comes over satellite - which has a delay of almost a second, and is extremely expensive. Most networks (Bell/Northwestel, Ice Wireless, Government of Nunavut, Nunavut Arctic College / CANARIE, SSI Micro, Telesat) do not interconnect locally so all traffic between them goes down south and back again (over the satellite network). Internet is too expensive and slow to waste.

The Solution

Let's start having networks in Iqaluit connect directly with each other at an "Internet Exchange Point" (IXP).

An IXP will enable a platform for high bandwidth, low latency websites and applications across the city. Once an IXP is established, content providers (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Nuvujaq CDN, etc) and other services (DNS from CIRA, PCH and NetNod, Nuvujaq/NRC TimeLink services) can also put their servers right in Iqaluit - improving the reliability and speeds of the Internet for everyone. Iqaluit would benefit from an IXP more than any other community in Canada.


The IXP colocation, power and networking is managed by Nuvujaq (inside the Northwestel CO)


Send an email to Mike West if you are interested in supporting the project.